How do I apply for a Primary School place for September and find out how places are allocated?

Please use the link below to visit the Staffordshire Country Council education website:

Important Points to Remember

You must apply by 15 January 2018.

You must make an application, even if you have an elder child attending your preferred school.

Be realistic about the schools you apply for. It is recommended that you include your catchment school as one of your preferences, as otherwise you will not be considered for a place.

You are strongly advised to make more than one preference. Failure to do so could have repercussions in terms of the distance your child is required to travel to school. Please see the summary of information relating to applications for September 2017

Attendance in the nursery class does not give any priority for admission into Reception class.

All applications are considered at the same time. Priority is not given to those who put the school first, or on a ‘first come first served’ basis.

List the schools in the order that you would most prefer them, and not the order you think you might get them.

The order in which you list the schools is only used if you could be offered more than one school. In this case, you will be offered whichever of those schools you ranked highest on your application.

Understand the admission criteria for each of your preferences. This will enable you to assess what order of priority will be given for each preference.

Consider how your child will get to school.  Very few children are entitled to free or discounted travel assistance.

You may be required to provide additional information or submit a supplementary form, if you are applying for an Academy,  Foundation or Voluntary Aided school.

It is your responsibility to provide any supportive information e.g baptismal certificate or medical evidence. The Local Authority will not seek to obtain this information on your behalf.